LSIS Advances into US Smart Grid Market

LSIS Advances into US Smart Grid Market

LS Industrial Systems has secured a beachhead in its effort to make inroads into the US Smart Grid market. LSIS on Sept. 23 said it signed a letter of intent with Silver Spring Networks (SSN), a leading US Smart Grid network solutions provider, in Washington DC.

LSIS will produce Smart Meters that meet American standards for the company, applying SSN's communication module to intelligent meters it has developed on its own. SSN is an American firm that takes care of the AMI communication networks for two electrical companies, PG&E and FPL, which supply electricity to 11 million homes in California. It holds the largest share of the US AMI infrastructure market at 25 percent.

As a result of its cooperation with SSN, LSIS will reach a vantage point in its efforts to advance into the US Smart Grid market. In return, SSN can cut costs by making sure that its own technology is applied to the entire process of the production of Smart Meters.

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